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Wedding Ring Design Centre


Create your own wedding band made to order.

Here at Gold Arts we offer a specialist bespoke wedding band service. All of our wedding rings can be tailored to perfectly suit your size and style.


Here are a few things you need to consider but for more information read Our Guide to Buying a Wedding Ring and when you are ready visit us in store for a full personalised consultation.

Call us in store on 01273 203 178 or email

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wedding rings brighton

wedding rings brighton
Step One- Find out Your Ring Size

Visit us in store in any one of our branches in Brighton, Eastbourne or Chichester to speak with a friendly member of staff who will be able to measure your finger to find out what size ring you require.

Step Two- Choose Your Metal

In most instances it is advisable to match the metal of your wedding band to the metal of your engagement ring. As these rings will be worn together there will inevitably be some natural friction between both rings. In order for these rings to wear evenly we recommend that the metal of the engagement and the wedding band are the same.

Many people also choose to keep the metal of both of these rings the same in order to maintain a consistent look between their engagement and wedding band. However it is, entirely up to you what metal you select your band to be crafted from but our expert team are happy to advise on any queries you may have.

Step three- Choose Your Style

When it comes to the style, this is up to you and your own personal preferences. Whether you choose to have a plain, engraved or diamond set wedding band we can cater to all of these different specifications.

Remember that the style of your wedding ring won’t just affect the look, it will also change the way the ring feels. The profile of your wedding ring will affect the aesthetic and the feel of the band.

- A court profile will sit smoothly against the skin and the curves of this profile will give the band a rounder look.

- A D shape ring which is flat on the inside and round on the other side will sit closely and flat on the skin but the D shape will give the ring a fuller and rounder look.

- A flat profile is indeed flat on both sides and will give the ring an angular and heavy style.