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Coloured Gemstone Rings


      Coloured Gemstone Rings bring joy to everyday jewellery with an array of uplifting colours and beautiful styles.  Combined with diamonds, they make eye-catching dress and cocktail rings or unusual engagement rings.  The symbolism of each gemstone creates meaningful anniversary gifts, wedding rings, birthday gifts and birthstone rings.  Delightful vintage styles are popular in our second-hand and pre-owned rings with many of our new rings taking elements from vintage styles to capture the elegance of bygone times.

      Our stores in Brighton, Chichester and Eastbourne report that colourful gemstones such as Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Tanzanite are an increasingly popular choice, not only for everyday accessories but also for wedding and engagement rings.  Visit our blog to discover some of the world's most iconic engagement rings, many of which are crafted from gorgeous coloured gemstones.