Ring Re-sizing

We offer Ring Resizing in all of our stores in Brighton, Eastbourne and Chichester. 
We offer Ring Resizing in all of our stores in Brighton, Eastbourne and Chichester. 


How will my Ring be Resized?

It's important that the ring you wear fits your finger perfectly. When your ring is too big, you risk losing your favourite piece of jewellery which often has sentimental value, especially if it's a family heirloom or a present from a partner. It's equally important for comfort and safety that a ring that is too small or tight is resized.
All our Gold Arts stores offer a ring resizing service and our trained staff will advise you on the best option for your ring. For the majority of resizes we will cut the shank of the ring at the back, avoiding damaging any hallmarks or engraving whenever possible. For increasing the ring finger size, we will insert a section of matching metal, for example 9ct gold, platinum etc. and solder it into place. For decreasing the ring size, we will file or remove a section. The metals and solders used will be of the same metal / purity as the ring, and the finishing process will ensure that upon completion you will be unable to tell where the section has been added/removed.

Certain designs of ring may require alternative ring resizing methods, for example a plain or patterned solid band that needs minimal resizing may be more suitable to stretching/condensing using the appropriate machine in the workshop. An option for rings unsuitable for traditional resizing is to add ball shots or small plates to the inside of the band, this process decreases the ring finger size and can help prevent the head of the ring slipping round.

Our Brighton workshop has a laser welder which can join metals with a seam that is smooth and clean and doesn’t need to be finished. This machine is very technical and requires the goldsmith to have highly specialised knowledge to use it proficiently. Many complicated resizing jobs have been expertly finished using this technology.

It is important to note that each ring has its own unique character and so the way in which a ring is resized may vary from one ring to the next in order to provide the best service.


Ring Resizing BrightonRing Resizing Brighton

How long does it take?

We offer ring resizing for Platinum, Yellow Gold, White Gold, Silver and Palladium. Whether it's modern designer jewellery or an antique ring, our trained staff will be happy to advise you of the best option for resizing your rings, and quote accordingly. Turnaround times for ring resizing depend on the design of the ring and type of resizing but in most cases a fast turnaround time is possible, often with a same day service.

How much will it cost?

When it comes to pricing for bespoke ring resizing, no one price fits all.Our prices reflect the type and quantity of metal to be used with instant quotes in store. We will undertake resizing jobs for all precious metals, with prices starting from Silver £20, 9ct Yellow Gold £35, 9ct White Gold £40, 18ct Yellow Gold £40, 18ct White Gold £45, Palladium £50 and Platinum £50. All prices include a full professional clean and polish, to bring back the original shine. White Gold prices also include Rhodium Plating.

No ring alterations are undertaken without your prior permission and should you alter your decision before work has started, your ring is returned free of charge. A free estimate for ring resizing is available in any of our stores.

Call us in store for further enquiries on 01273 203 178 or email info@goldartsonline.co.uk