Watch Services & Repairs

Every watch has a different story so will have different requirements

That’s why our team at Gold Arts in Brighton, Chichester and Eastbourne are trained to look at watches of any age, regardless of brand or type and will do everything to help restore it. Certain watches may be returned to the manufacturers to undertake a repair, while others will be managed by our trusted technician.

Watch Services We Offer...

  • Watch batteries
  • Servicing for routine maintenance
  • All Repairs for all watches - Mechanical, Automatic, Quartz, Antique & Vintage
  • Clock repairs
  • Replacement glass
  • Cosmetic restorations including scratch removal
  • Strap adjustments
  • New Leather watch straps and metal bracelets
  • Valuations for insurance purposes
  • Sell or part-exchange your watch

Watch Repairs and Servicing

If your watch has stopped working or just needs a routine service as an independent jewellers we can offer tailored repairs to your needs.

Most repairs can be undertaken inhouse or by our independent local horologist. Certain watches may be returned to the manufacturers to undertake a repair and we are authorised service agents for many luxury watch brands.

We will always recommend the most appropriate workshops to maintain the integrity of your timepiece.

Some services have a standard pricing structure in place with a set price, time scale and guarantee period. For more investigative repairs, we may not be able to give you an on-the-spot estimate but we will contact you with a quote before proceeding.

Why Mechanical Watches Need Servicing

A mechanical watch, whether manual or automatic is made up of hundreds of tiny parts, many of which are in constant motion. Because of this, they’re subject to wear and tear. But with regular care, your luxury timepiece will keep ticking for years.

We recommend servicing a new watch every three to five years, even if it still seems to be in perfect working order. This is because the lubricants that prevent friction and possible damage to fragile inner components break down over time and need replacing.

When servicing a mechanical watch, our watchmakers perform an exhaustive series of checks to make sure your watch returns to you in peak condition.

Watch Battery Changes from £10

A battery can run out at any time, so we advise that you replace it every 12 months to 2 years. We charge from £10 for a battery change, and always check the old battery hasn’t leaked or damaged the movement and examine the general condition of the movement and advise if a service would be needed.

Water resistance is not guaranteed with a standard battery change so if you use your watch for swimming or diving then a pressure tested reseal is recommended in addition to the battery change.

Quartz watches don’t have as many moving parts as mechanical watch movements, but they still require routine maintenance. So we would still recommend a regular service to maintain your precious time piece.


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