Valuations for Jewellery & Watch Insurance


Gold Arts is one of a few jewellers on the South Coast to have an in-house registered valuer. By using a registered valuer, you are assured that the valuation you receive will be of the highest standard. Every registered valuer has their work monitored by the Institute of Registered Valuers to insure this. None of your personal details are ever registered on the database to ensure maximum protection for you and your possessions.


Jewellery Valuations

In the event of an item being lost would you be able to provide a detailed description of the item? Stone size, colour of the gem stones, how they were set and in what metal?

Each individual item will be cleaned, stones measured, stone weight calculated, colour and clarity assessed. The metal tested, hallmarks listed, weighed, condition reported and photographed.

Most Valuations are for insurance purposes, although there are other types such as:

·Valuation for divorce/family division

· Valuation for private sale

· Probate Valuation


When bringing your items in for a valuation please ensure that you have any stone certificates, old valuations or any other documentation regarding the items. If for a probate valuation, we will also need the name of the deceased together with the date of death. (this is required by HMRC)

At Gold Arts we use the Guild Valuation system. Your valuation will be created and held on central secure database. The advantages of using this system means that you have access 24 hours a day where ever you are in the world. Descriptions and images are available to you, the Police and your insurance company should you need them.

While you are with us in our store we will make an initial observation of the articles based on this information and your requirements and take you through the IRV’s standard valuation checklist. Finally we will notify you as soon as the valuation is completed and ready to collect from your local store.


Insurance companies will require customers to have their items from time to time. The reason is that the insurer needs to know what they are insuring. A Diamond ring purchased in the 1980's may of cost £200.00 while today it may cost over £1000.00. If the item is lost the insurer may only pay the £200.00 and you would have lost £800.00 on just this one item.

Once Gold Arts has completed a valuation, should it need to be updated in the future we will do this at a reduced price. When a re-valuation is done, we still need to have sight of the items as protocol and technology changes.

Fee's are charged based on the total value of the valuation. So for an insurance valuation the first £1000.00 worth of items would be charged at £40.00, then for every £1000.00 worth of items over this will be charged at n extra £15.00. An example of this is a valuation came to £6000.00, the fee payable would be £115.00.

The fee for the other types of valuations are a basic fee of £40.00 plus 2% of the grand total, plus VAT at 20%.

For free and friendly advice please contact us at 01273 203178 ( or come into your local Gold Arts store.