Browse our extensive collection of Hamilton watches bringing together the excellence of swiss watch matching with classic America heritage. Steeped in the spirit of American craftmanship this iconic watch brand was founded in Lancaster Pennsylvania 1892.

      Rail Road Heritage - During the American industrialisation and expansion of the American rail roads in the late 1800’s Hamilton became the biggest supplier of timepieces to the rail roads.

      World War Two - Following the involvement in the American development of the railways Hamilton watches played an integral role within the second world war. During this time Hamilton suspended all commercial production to focus on the mammoth task of providing the entire US army with quality military watches. This military heritage is reflected in current day khaki ranges.

      An ever involving brand –  In the late 1950’s Hamilton released the first electric watch with its iconic ‘Ventura’ made famous by the King himself, Elvis Presley in the film Blue Hawaii. Hamilton has built a close relationship with Hollywood with watches featuring in over 400 films, Hamilton has cemented its place as an unlikely Hollywood star.

      Moving to Switzerland in the late 1960’s Hamilton continued its journey in making the highest quality mechanical chronometers of exquisite design for everyday wear.

      36 products

      36 products