The History of Lalique

Lalique…The magic of a name, the genius of a creator. The characteristic contrast of clear and satin crystal, the imaginative sculpted shapes, patterns and richness of the figurative details all reflect Lalique's technical expertise and unique creativity.


Lalique Crystal


Rene Lalique

Rene Lalique (1860-1945) was one of the most influential and significant artists of the 19th and 20th Century. He drew his inspiration from mythology and the natural world; a fascination with the female form, flowers, plants, birds and insects – his early works at international expositions won him worldwide acclaim and a prestigious clientele. Always original, he studied ancient techniques and pioneered new ones to create works of art, first in jewellery and later in glass.

Lalique Crystal Perfume Bottles

The great perfumer Coty commissioned a series of perfume bottles in 1907 which energised his love of glass and by the 1920’s Rene Lalique launched glass production in his new factory in Alsace, an area of France with a rich history of glassmaking. He found unrivalled success, overwhelmed with commissions, his work adorned the most luxurious hotels, ocean liners, the Orient Express and renowned architecture across the world - he symbolised modernity and excellence.

Lalique Crystal

Today Lalique is produced in the original factory in Wingen sur Moder, France which supply the world’s demand for this remarkable product. It is here where true alchemy happens, simple elements are mixed with generations of expertise, handed down knowledge and pioneering techniques to create the world’s beloved Lalique crystal. The ‘recipe’ of materials is a jealously guarded secret, but interestingly Lalique Crystal cannot be called ‘glass’, as its 24% lead oxide content gives the material the title of Crystal, which compared to glass exceeds in density and refractive index. Any collector can recognise Crystal through the characteristic weight and luminosity of crystal - It is no wonder Lalique was called the ‘sculptor of light’.

Each step in the journey of crystal creation reveals an artisan technique. Lalique is one of the last manufacturers to still product their own clay crucibles for holding the molten crystal in the furnace. The handcrafted specialist clay pot can take up to a month to make and 6 months to dry, but to ensure the quality and purity demanded by connoisseurs, Lalique strictly adheres to the policy that some things simply must be made by hand.


Lalique Crystal Fish

To own a piece of Lalique is to understand the nature of the material, the cool heavy smoothness of the glass, the tactile undulating curves, the understated simplicity of the design, the purity of the crystal and the supreme execution of the finish. The flourish of the Lalique France signature on each piece evokes the history and mastery of its originator and is your guarantee of quality and authenticity.

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