The Dazzling, Dapper and Flapper History of The Cocktail Ring

These days cocktail rings are any statement ring, which can include an array of different gemstones, styles and metals worn on any finger apart from that reserved for an engagement ring. The fashion for cocktail rings emerged in the 1920’s prohibition America where alcohol was banned and consequent illegal cocktail parties were frequently held. At these parties the dapper women of the 1920’s showed off their glamorous style, shorter hair, plunging necklines and Art Deco jewellery.


Sapphire Cocktail RingPearl Cocktail RingAquamarine Cocktail Ring

Cocktails were created to make the low quality alcohol more palatable and as they sipped on whisky sours, women had the perfect opportunity to show off their dazzling cocktail rings. The bigger and more glamorous the better. And so, from cocktail parties came the term ‘cocktail rings’. Flamboyance and excess were the popular trends and cocktail rings perfectly fitted this fashion. Large gemstone rings were paraded around parties and events on the fingers of the glamorous women of the 1920’s.


By the 1950’s and early 60’s cocktail or dress rings were standard attire for women attending parties or a night out at the opera. After a brief fall in popularity in the 1960’s and 70’s, the power dressing fashion of the 1980’s saw a return of the big and bold cocktail ring into everyday dress, both day and night.
Today the cocktail ring is a fashion staple available in an almost endless array of different designs and styles.