Reasons to Buy Antique and Vintage Rings

Reasons to Buy Antique and Vintage Rings

What’s the difference between antique and vintage?

In general, for an item to be considered as ‘antique’ it has to be at least 100 years old whilst the term ‘vintage’ refers to pieces which are at least 20 years old. Within antique or vintage jewellery there are different eras which reflect the different times and styles of antique jewellery.

Victorian: 1837-1901
Art Nouveau:1890-1910
Edwardian: 1901-1920
Art Deco:1920-1930
Mid-Century: 1940-1960

Antique and vintage jewellery is becoming increasingly popular but just in case you didn’t already know, here are a few reasons to purchase antique rings online and in store.
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1. Unique and Luxurious

Antique rings are usually totally unique and boast completely different designs from one ring to the next. As most antique rings have been hand crafted they also usually encompass extra unique unexpected details such as softer cut gemstones (such as an old cut or fancy cut) and elaborate engraving which can range in style from Edwardian to Art Deco. Purchasing an antique ring means you can choose something totally unique to you with the added touch of vintage glamour and sparkle.

antique diamond ring

18ct Yellow Gold Old Cut Diamond 1.85ct Antique Solitaire Ring £5,950.00


2. Eco Friendly

By purchasing an antique ring you are recycling a beautiful piece of jewellery and gemstone. Whilst the buying and selling of diamonds is indeed an ethically regulated trade, there is no doubt that buying a ring which has been in circulation for this long is the most environmentally ethical way to purchase jewellery. Purchasing antique jewellery allows you to both support smaller local businesses and to be not only a consumer but an environmental conserver in the world of jewellery.

antique rings

18ct Yellow Gold Victorian Emerald and Diamond Ring £445.00

3. Good Value and an Investment

Antique rings can be a better value for money purchase. Prices for antique jewellery can be lower than new jewellery and as every item is unique the resale opportunity is excellent as its value won’t decrease in time and if somebody falls in love with your ring they are unlikely to be able to purchase the same thing elsewhere. Many antique pieces will increase in value as time goes by.


antique rings


9ct White Gold and Diamond Art Deco Flower Design Ring £180.00

4. Extra Colour

Whilst today it is most common for rings, particularly engagement or wedding rings to feature diamonds, antique rings often used other coloured gemstones in their designs. Many antique rings will boast sparkling and colourful emeralds, sapphires, rubies and other coloured stones as the main feature of the ring. Diamonds are often included but in antique jewellery they do not always take centre stage, so if are looking for a beautiful and luxurious ring with a coloured gemstone then consider antique!



antique rings aquamarine

18ct Yellow Gold Blue Zircon and Diamond Flower Halo Ring £1,445.00

5. History and Meaning

Antique and vintage jewellery, unlike new pieces comes with greater history and meaning. Anything from the way the stone is cut to the metal the ring is crafted from or the style and arrangement can tell you about the history and story of that ring. There is also the added intrigue of mystery, as these items of jewellery have been in circulation for so long they are bound to be wrapped up in stories and tales of by gone eras, some we may know and some we may not.



opal antique ring


15ct Yellow Gold 1873 Victorian Opal and Sapphire Ring £395.00