Remembering a loved one with Inherited Jewellery

May 2021

A few ideas on how to care for Inherited Jewellery to honour your loved one’s memory


Remembering a loved one is an individual process and I write this with compassion and as a suggestion for when the time feels right to you. The possessions of loved ones, particularly jewellery that is passed down through generations is so treasured that the responsibility to look after it and ‘doing the right thing’ can sometimes be both overwhelming and a difficult decision to make.

Hopefully this blog will give you a few ideas to mull over and help you to make decisions about the jewellery so you can enjoy wearing it while preserving the joyous memory of your loved one.

Restore & Renew

If you love the design then a simple clean and polish will restore the jewellery back to its former glory. This is typically a same day service and can cost from as little as £20. We will happily give you further advice about caring for the jewellery and let you know if other work such as a loose stone or missing claw needs repairing.

Repair & Wear

If you’ve been given a beautiful ring, but it doesn’t fit you, or a chain that’s broken, our workshops can resize rings and undertake an array of different repairs so your precious jewellery can be worn again. All work includes a full clean and polish. We are always happy to offer a no obligation quote before proceeding with work.

Re-design for Modern Times

Many beautiful antique pieces of jewellery are simply unwearable in modern times. Sadly the brooch and hatpin have become unfavourable, but from a simple tweak, such as adding a pendant loop to a brooch, or a complete remodelling such as melting down a large cocktail ring and using the metal and gemstones to make a sleek eternity band. The options are endless and we are always happy to offer a few ideas.

Part-exchange & Create Something New

It may be that some of the jewellery you inherit was neither particularly sentimental to you or your loved one, and you would prefer to sell the jewellery and use the money for something else. We buy all sorts of unwanted jewellery and watches, for more information follow click here

If you like the idea of creating a piece of jewellery that is brand new in memory of your loved one, then again we are always delighted to take bespoke commissions.  More about Bespoke Designs


Value & Insure

On a practical level, the inherited jewellery you value certainly has sentimental value, but it may also have significant monetary value. Generally, items with a value above £1000 may not be included on your house insurance, so it is worth obtaining an up to date full ‘Valuation for Insurance’ document, which will give you peace of mind that your items if damaged or lost are financially covered.

More on Valuations

We understand that inherited and heirloom jewellery is something special and treasured so it is always a pleasure to share your unique story.

  As an independent jewellers with workshop, we have years of experience in restoring jewellery to its former glory or remodelling it into a more wearable modern design.

Our friendly staff and jewellery designers can help you every step of the way with free no obligation quotes and ideas.

Written by L. Sadler