A Short Introduction to Cluster Rings

Cluster rings are more popular now than ever but they actually date back to the Georgian era. The classic cluster is round/oval with a halo of gemstones around it. The term cluster ring now days covers a variety of different styles from different periods of history.

For example, Georgian clusters are heavier in design and the settings are thick and larger than those from other eras. Victorian cluster rings on the other hand are more delicate and ornate in their design. The Art Deco period saw cluster ring styles encompass geometrical shapes and clean lines, usually crafted from platinum.

Cluster Rings


In recent times the cluster ring has made a major comeback ever since Prince William gave Kate Middleton (now The Duchess of Cambridge) his mother’s sapphire and diamond cluster ring for their engagement.


William and Kate Engagement Ring


It has always been popular to couple coloured stones alongside diamonds in cluster ring designs as the added diamonds enhance the coloured stone. However, it is also now fashionable for cluster rings to be made entirely from diamonds. 

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