Yellow Gold Trends for 2023

Its official, yellow gold, which has been the hottest trend of 2022 is here to stay for 2023.

From classic everyday jewellery to showstopping statement pieces, and everything in between, let us run through some of the key trends for wearing yellow gold in the new year.

Why Yellow Gold?

Since yellow gold’s hey day in the 80’s and 90’s its popularity has been in decline, loosing its market share to white gold and platinum, but ever-increasing sales of yellow gold are proof that its back on trend and here to stay.

Yellow vs White Gold

Platinum is pricy and white gold needs more maintenance to look its best with regular re- rhodium plating. Yellow is gold’s natural colour and radiates warmth and allure like no other metal, whether you choose the rich luxurious colour of 14ct or 18ct gold or the more subtle glow (and budget friendly) of 9ct yellow gold.

Yellow gold is easy to keep clean and bright and will outshine the lack-lustre of a faded white gold any day.

Find out more about the different metals pros and cons in this blog... 'How to Choose the Metal of Your Wedding Ring'

Yellow Gold Everyday Jewellery

The perfect piece of everyday jewellery which one which suits almost every outfit, occasion, and outlook. Chains, Bracelets, Earrings or Rings - adding yellow gold is easy, just pick your favourite go to jewellery type in 9ct or 18ct yellow gold.

Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings are always in style, and even large hoops are great value as the tubes tend to be hollow, making them light, comfortable and easy to wear.

Chunky Yellow Gold Jewellery

Chunky gold has seen a huge come back – especially chains and rings. A statement chain, worn alone without any pendants is the go-to style of celebrities for a more casual statement look. The classic curb link is tactile and rounded, in varying widths. The chunky chain bracelet is equally in demand.

Fancy something more quirky and unique? Search for Vintage Albert Chains – these chunky curb link chains were worn on a Victorian gentleman’s waistcoat to hold a pocket watch. Now-a-days they have been converted to necklaces and bracelets

Men’s 9ct Yellow Gold Chunky Rings

Chunky gold rings are a trend for men where the pre-owned market is excelling. These oversized designs include Buckle Rings, Saddle Rings, Knot & Shot Rings and Signet Rings made from 9ct gold.

Signet Rings

Signet rings are the classic men’s ring, chunky and tactile, with a good dose of history and heritage. Whether plain, patterned or gemset they really make an impact.

We supply bespoke new signet rings and a great selection of pre-owned signet rings, suitable for both men and women.

Yellow Gold Statement Jewellery

A key look with yellow gold, is the statement piece – let’s not quite hark back to the conspicuous consumption of the 80’s, instead choose design led eye catching pieces that reflect your style. A statement piece is generally worn alone, so it needs to be bold and interesting.

The cocktail ring is a perfect example, and many beautiful, coloured gemstones are perfectly complemented by a yellow gold setting. You can find some magnificent examples at enticing prices in our second-hand pre-loved range, which are all professionally cleaned and polished ready to wear.

Are Yellow Gold Engagement Rings Back in Style?

Most definitely yes! Yellow gold and diamond engagement rings have always been a classic timeless choice.

Yellow gold is a perfect choice if you love vintage styles, as many pre-owned, vintage and antique rings are set in yellow gold. White gold has been the choice of couples for the last few decades, and yes diamonds really do look good against glistening white. With this gem of information, perhaps search for yellow gold engagement rings with white gold prongs to get the best of both worlds?

Will Yellow Gold Suit Me?

Not sure if you want to wear yellow gold? - perhaps because your wedding rings are white or your watch stainless steel? Designers and jewellers are still making many beautiful designs in white gold and platinum; quality jewellery in these metals will always be in fashion.

So perhaps rather than diving straight into statement yellow gold chunky jewellery, dip your toe in with a delicate yellow gold necklace, small hoops or a pretty vintage ring?

Yellow gold generally suits all skin tones, and is an easy to care for metal, which is durable and holds it value for years to come.

We have all fallen back in love with yellow gold, including it in our interior decorations and wardrobe accessories. It has a unique luxe appeal, ranging from fashionistas to vintage aficionados.   Jewellery trends are generally slow to change so investing in some yellow gold now will keep you on-trend and happy for years to come.

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