Gold Arts Sports Sponsorship

Gold Arts are of course well known and respected as a trusted family jewellers but are also sponsors of an array of sports events and teams which range from motor sports to football to mixed martial arts.

Douglas Newman’s greatest passion (other than jewellery) is racing. Doug started racing Caterham’s in 1995 and still takes part in the odd race today.


Gold Arts race cars

Gold Arts are proud hosts of the Magnificent Seven Series. The Gold Arts Magnificent Sevens race series is for cars based on the Lotus Seven design. The Gold Arts Magnificent Sevens has been running since 2009 and has grown in popularity producing large grids ensuring plenty of close, clean competition

Gold Arts also sponsor drivers too, such as Luke Stevens for team LEOS motorsport. The Beamish Boys, also sponsored by Gold Arts are brothers from a family with a passion for motor-cross. Charlie and Ollie, ‘The Beamish Boys’, are 3rd generation MX racers out there to enjoy being the best they can be.


The beamish boys motorbike


Tim Newman Endurance Motorcorss


Tim Newman, is also sponsored by Gold Arts, for his endurance motor cross racing. This is off road enduro motorcycle races which are long distance dirt bike races across country and at times over some very muddy terrain. 


Time Newman Edurance motorcross racing


Gold Arts have also sponsored pick up truck racing, Bosham football team and more recently Victory Fights, Brighton’s leading MMA and K1 fight show, an exciting night of sport and entertainment run by Kenny Kenshiro Moyston.


Victory Fights


Kerry Newman, daughter of founder Douglas Newman is a member of Victory Fights and has won all of her MMA and K1 victory fights to date. 

Kerry Newman Gold Arts Victory Fights