Fascinating Facts About Opals


  • Opal is the birthstone for October. Opal symbolises purity and hope and is said to bring good luck. The beauty of the opal is both physical and spiritual. 


  • Opal has been found as far out as Mars! The gemstone was discovered in a Martian meteorite, which fell to Earth in 1911. Many experts believe that this proves that there is the possibility of life on Mars as Opal requires the presence of water in order to be formed.




  • Opal is created by a solution of water and silicon dioxide. When water travels through the earth it picks up silica from sandstone and runs this silica water solution into faults in the earth created by natural cracks or decomposing fossil. When the water evaporates it leaves a silica deposit. This process repeats over and over until opal is eventually formed. 


  • The name ‘Opal’ is derived from the Greek term ‘Opallios’ meaning ‘seeing a change in colour’.


  • Opal is sometimes referred to as the Queen of Gemstones and is considered a semi precious stone 


  • 95% of the world’s Opals come from Australia. The majority are sourced from Cooper Perdy in South Australia. Aboriginals believe that Opal comes from a swirling rainbow which fell to earth. 


  • Whilst all Opals are sought after, Black Opals are the most precious and rare type of Opal. They are mined at Lightning Ridge almost 800km North-West Sydney. 


  • Opals were Queen Victoria’s favourite gemstone

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