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Art Nouveau Jewellery - An Enchanting Celebration of The Natural Word

The Art Nouveau era was a short but inspired period of time ranging from 1890-1910’s, which saw the world of jewellery awash with detailed designs which reflected the beauty of the organic and natural world. Art Nouveau was undoubtedly French but its influence was global.

Art Noveau Jewellery


The gentle motions of plant blossom, animals and the romance of the human form were all encapsulated in the designs of Art Nouveau. These free floating representations were original in their aesthetic and creation. Art Nouveau jewellery incorporated soft natural tones such as blues, mustard yellow, greens and browns in keeping with the flowing lines and contours employed in the shape of designs, mirroring the gentle details of the organic world. Skilled and beautiful design took precedence over the value of material used. Many great designers such as Henri Vever worked with semi and even non precious materials for their work. It was of course Rene Lalique who’s iconic glass, crystal and enamel creations epitomised the era of Art Nouveau.



Art Noveau Jewellery

Art Nouveau served as a counter movement to the increasingly mass produced jewellery of that era, an artistic protest to the industrial revolution of the time. It sought to overturn the common belief that the decorative arts was largely comprised of poorly made imitation objections. Art Nouveau quashed this judgement, proving that the world of craft was not only original and beautiful but also of exceptional workmanship and skill.

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