6 Reasons To Buy a Pre Owned Watch

A good watch can be a precious asset, not only in terms of the monetary value it holds, but it's a great way of expressing your style and personality. If you're on the lookout for a new time piece, it's a good idea to consider investing in a pre-owned one.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should buy a pre-owned watch:
Pre-Owned Watches Are Less Expensive

Pre-owned watch

Buying a pre-owned watch can save you a fortune, especially in the case of luxury brands where new watches loose a large proportion of their value as soon as they leave the shop. This means you may be able to buy a fairly new watch at a fraction of the RRP.


Vintage Watches  Have More Character

Pre-owned watch

It's all good and well buying a brand new perfect time piece that has no scratches or dents but vintage watches stand out from the crowd, they have markings and character, making them impossible to replicate.

You Automatically Avoid Depreciation

Pre-owned watch

As previously mentioned, the very minute a luxury item is purchased and makes the transition from new to pre-owned, it's value decreases immensely. One of the many advantages of buying a pre-owned watch is that you ultimately skip this stage, and depending on the brand and model of your watch, it may even increase in value over time.

You'll Still Benefit From A Guarantee

Pre-owned watch

When you purchase a pre-owned watch from a certified watch dealer, depending on the type of watch, it's likely to have been given a clean and service before hand. Most dealers will also offer a guarantee against defects that is similar to the original manufacturers warranty.

Pre-Owned Are Of Better Value

Pre-owned watch

We often hear the phrase “they don't make em' like they used to”, and it's actually true in some cases. Older models are often created using higher quality parts and with more creativity, making them more sought after. Similar to investing in stocks and shares or buying a vintage car, buying a pre-owned watch provides you with an asset that you can enjoy whilst it appreciates in value.

Because Nobody Will Know The Difference!

When you purchase a watch from a trusted second hand watch dealer you're guaranteed value for money. These dealers will ensure that your watch is in excellent condition, has a full service history and has all of the relevant paper work and packaging. The only people who'll know your watch is pre-owned is you, and the dealer!