Gold and Jewellery Purchasing

Sell your Diamond Jewellery to Gold Arts

To keep our shops full of unique and exceptional quality jewellery we are always looking to buy high end diamond jewellery, precious gemstones and fine antique jewellery

Types of Jewellery We Want To Buy

Listed below are types of luxury second hand jewellery we are looking to buy. We will consider all types of attractive fine jewellery, especially vintage collectable pieces.

Currently we are looking to buy:

  • All Platinum and 18ct Gold Jewellery
  • Engagement rings with over 0.50ct Diamond
  • Coloured Gemstone Jewellery of fine quality
  • Art Deco and Victorian fine jewellery
  • Unusual handmade and unique jewellery
  • Luxury branded jewellery e.g Cartier, Tiffany & Co, Bulgari
  • All certificated diamond rings, pendants, earrings
  • Quality Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Tanzanite, Opal or Aquamarine Jewellery
  • Luxury watches (click here for more info)
  • Sovereigns, Krugerrands and other gold coins (click here for more info)

We have a strong customer base across our stores looking for top quality second-hand jewellery, high end diamond jewellery and collectable antique jewellery. Our retail stores and website have a fast turnover of pre-loved second-hand jewellery so you are always guaranteed to get the best price if you sell your unwanted luxury jewellery to Gold Arts.Text

Bring your Jewellery to Gold Arts

Come into any of our Gold Arts stores and show us the jewellery. We rarely provide quotes for jewellery via email or the telephone as we prefer to inspect the jewellery in person using tools such as a loupe, scales, metal testing equipment etc. Our FAQ section below has lots of information and we are happy to answer enquiries via email.

Get a Free No Obligation Quote

Our experienced staff are qualified to assess the authenticity of antique jewellery and accurately grade the colour and clarity of larger diamond pieces to offer you a fair price based on aesthetic value as well as the material value.

Get Paid or Trade In

We can pay you by BACS on the day or in cash if you prefer. We do offer a part-exchange service, so you could use the value against another item of jewellery or watch from our stores or commission a bespoke piece from our design workshop.

Selling Your Jewellery FAQs

What is the best way to sell my jewellery to you?

The easiest way is come into any of our Gold Arts stores and show us the jewellery. We rarely provide quotes for jewellery via email or the telephone as we prefer to inspect the jewellery in person using tools such as a loupe, scales, metal testing equipment etc.

We will quote on watches via email click here for more info.

I want to sell my old jewellery, what can I expect to happen in store?

When you come in to see us, we will be adhering to current Covid Safe measures including the use of masks, a screen and sanitizer. A member of staff will greet you and look through your jewellery assessing the metals, gemstones and condition of the items. The items will be weighed and if required tests may be done in our workshop to confirm the purity of the metal, then a price will be calculated. We pay in you via BACS unless cash is preferred, proof of identity is required.

Will I have to leave my jewellery with you and wait for a quote?

In most cases the quote will be given on the spot and a price offered. If there are a large number of items you may have to leave the jewellery with us for an hour or longer in busy periods, so we can measure and assess diamonds, test the metal purity and calculate a price. If your jewellery is something very rare or unusual that requires research, we will advise you at the time. We hope you appreciate that this is the fairest way to give you the best price.

Will you buy my jewellery if its broken?

Yes, we will always buy broken jewellery as the precious metal content has a scrap value. For higher end jewellery that we would want to restore for resale the nature of the damage would be taken into consideration in our quote. Our goldsmith is very experienced and capable of restoring broken items where viable. Jewellery not suitable for resale will be calculated at scrap value for the metals and gemstones. All of our pre-owned jewellery is professionally cleaned and polished before resale.

I’m not sure if my jewellery counts as fine quality, antique or scrap?

We are looking for upmarket jewellery, but we also have shops that sell cheaper 9ct jewellery, so please do bring in all your jewellery you want to sell, regardless of condition or style. On items we do not feel are suitable for re-selling we will offer you a price based on the scrap gold price.

Do you buy watches?

Yes, we are always looking to buy luxury and vintage watches. We offer free online no obligation quotes. Click here for more information about Selling Your Watches.

Do I need to bring anything with me, other than the jewellery?

Yes. Please bring with you photo ID including proof of address. If the diamonds came with a certificate, please do not forget to bring it along. It allows us a more accurate assessment of the grading and subsequent value. If your luxury jewellery is branded and you can provide the original gift box or certificates of authenticity this is a bonus. It is appealing to our customers and easier to sell if we have these extras, so we will offer you more money if its included. You are welcome to bring receipts and insurance valuations if you wish, these may be useful, but are not essential.

How do you pay me for the jewellery?

We can pay you immediately by BACS or cash if you prefer. We are also happy to part-exchange against any jewellery or watches from Gold Arts.

Do you offer pawnbroking or cash loans against jewellery and watches?

No, we do not offer this service in our Gold Arts stores. We do offer this at our sister company GA Pawnbrokers. For more information visit

Do you buy other items of value such as fine art, antique collectables, luxury sports cars etc?

We would hate to miss an opportunity to buy something special, but we are not experts in every field. If you send us an email, we can let you know if it’s something we would be interested in. GA Pawnbrokers our sister company buys and sells an eclectic range of items, so it might be worth contacting them.

With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing, retail and pawnbroking in the jewellery and watch industry we can offer expertise alongside a professional and trustworthy service.