Gold and Jewellery Purchasing

Bullion Buying & Selling


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We all have jewellery we don't wear, so why not bring it to one of our shops? You'd be surprised how much money you could get for your spare gold.


Our stores in Brighton, Eastbourne, Chichester and Worthing would be happy to value your unwanted jewellery. We are keen to purchase at honest prices quality jewellery to sell in our pre-owned displays. Even broken chains, damaged jewellery and an odd earring still has a value, so we check the gold rates daily to make sure that we offer you the best prices in town for scrap gold.

Rather than sell your old gold for cash, why not part exchange it for a new piece of jewellery from Gold Arts? We are happy to give you a great deal and you'll have something that'll be more you.



Buying and Selling Gold


We Purchase:
- 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, 22ct Gold Items
- Platinum Jewellery
- Diamond and Precious Gems
- Modern and Antique Jewellery
- Krugerrands, Sovereigns and other gold coins
- Watches
- Antique Silver items
- Any items of collectible value

How it works:

When you come in to see us, a member of staff will greet you and look through your jewellery assessing the metals, gemstones and condition of the items. The items will be weighed and if required tests may be done in our workshop to confirm the purity of the metal, then a price will be calculated. We always pay in cash, proof of identity is required.

Investing in gold with Gold Arts:
Not only do we offer cash for gold; we also offer the chance to invest in gold. The economic climate of recent years has seen the price of gold increase drastically from £419.62/toz to £1093.40/toz over five years (dating to 16/11/12). That's an increase of over 260%, a yield of 52% a year - a fantastic return, no matter what the investment.
We sell investment gold at a small margin over the daily gold price. Buying options are dependent upon availability, however you can usually choose from:
- Sovereigns (full and half)
- Krugerrands
- Gold Bar
- Hallmarked heavy gold jewellery, at investment prices