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Jersey Pearl

Introducing our stunning Jersey Pearl range. Using cultured freshwater pearls Jersey Pearl craft delicate pearl jewellery encompassing the classic elegance and luxury of nature’s finest pearls with a feminine and minimalist charm.This collection captures the beauty of mother nature with gorgeous pearl jewellery set against white topaz and sterling silver.

For three generations, Jersey Pearl has created and curated pearl jewellery.  Grown with love, brought to life by talent and master practitioners, these organic gems are second to none.Pearls have a naturally bridal feel which always makes for a beautiful wedding present or special occasion gift. The fresh modern feel of these pieces mean that it is also just as popular for everyday wear, adding a touch of classic elegance with a contemporary feel.

 Beautiful pearl jewellery collections are made from the finest pearls which are sourced from across the world and expertly crafted in the Jersey pearl workshop based in Jersey island of course.

Jersey pearl jewellery is predominantly crafted from cultured freshwater pearls. Unlike other pearls which are grown in the sea Freshwater pearls grow in lakes, rivers, ponds and reservoirs.

 Freshwater pearls are grown across the land but most notably in South East China where these are sourced. Freshwater mussels can grow up to 40 pearls each unlike saltwater oysters which can produce up to only two pearls at a time. Given that freshwater pearls are so easy to grow they are not only beautiful but also extremely well priced.

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